scrap printers mix from printing companies.
Commercial Printer Mix Recycling Services

"Where Your waste is Our Business"

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Commercial Printer Mix Recycling Services

We are the leaders when it comes to scrap printers mix, mixed paper and white paper.

We have state-of-the-art fluffing and bailing equipment to bale the scrap printer paper.

We are suppliers to paper mills that produce finished products by using  recycled paper.

We buy Aluminium plates and printing plates &

old films black and white & color

Large numbers of printing companies are getting their scrap paper away for free to other recyclers or, they are simply throwing it away.

At smart way recycling we can develop any recycling program for your company garments of your company size to maximize your profits

Industries We Service

- Printing Companies

- Reprographers

- Lithographers

- Graphic Design Companies

- Bulk Mailing Centers

-Advertising Companies.

-Architecture/designers & Developers