We recycle magazines, news papers and old books.
Newspaper, Magazines and Publications 

"Where Your waste is Our Business"

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Smart Way Recycling one of Southeastern Michigan's largest recyclers of recovered office, commercial and industrial paper, and corrugated cardboard.  Servicing clients through its own 65,000 square-foot facility in Oak Park Michigan or at our clients locations through our state of the art Mobile Shredding Trucks. 

Smart Way Recycling collects, processes and markets recovered paper from printing houses, newspaper, magazine and publishing companies and distributors throughout Michigan. The recovered paper is shredded baled and then shipped to either the clients designated paper mills or sold to other manufacturers across the globe. 100% of our recovered paper is reused or resold.  

None of our recovered products find their way into american landfills.

We also recycle the following paper products:

junk mail, phone books, soft and hard cover books, folders, music blanks, rolls of paper, and aluminum printing plates