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Mobile Onsite Document Shredding Services

Smart Way Recycling provides full-service shredding and recycling services, whether it be at our secured commercial recycling facility in Oak Park, Michigan, or Onsite at your own place of business utilizing our state of the art Mobile Shredding trucks.  We specialize in providing custom programs for businesses in Southeastern Michigan. For sensitive material, we offer 100% safe document and media destruction services that are fully compliant with all data disposal laws. For non-sensitive paper, we have comprehensive recycling programs that are affordable and easy to maintain. Our representatives help Southeastern Michigan companies and organizations of all sizes and from all industries evaluate their paper waste production and design a cost-effective and convenient program to manage it.

Through our regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service, we are able to design a customized document security program to ensure that your confidential documents are continually serviced. By developing adjustable contracts that change when your needs change, we are able to deliver a dependable service tailored to meet the level of security and accountability that is required for each job in the most secure, cost-effective and convenient way. In doing so, we keep your document shredding costs to a minimum, allowing you to satisfy state and federal privacy requirements at affordable rates. 

Whether you have one employee or thousands, one office or multiple offices, we will develop a plan for document shredding based on a daily, weekly, or monthly shredding schedule that best meets your unique needs. Once your program is established, our staff and internal software systems ensure timely and consistent service.  When it's time to securely and completely destroy sensitive documents, a proper disposal process is no longer an option.  To ensure that our clients needs are clearly defined and satisfied, we make it a company policy to start any of our shredding programs by first defining what documents must be shredded.  Only then can a comprehensive shredding program be established that ensures your company is protected. These items include, but are not limited to:

Legal Records-Personnel Records-Customer Lists-Financial Documents-Engineering Specifications-Drawings-Computer Printouts-Purchasing Information-Business Records-Cancelled Checks-Credit Card Receipts-Tax Records-Medical Records-Advertising Misprint.

Smart Way Recycling complies with all local, regional, state and federal environmental and privacy legislation


Businesses, Nonprofits, Corporations, Schools, Financial Institutions, and Hospitals throughout Southeastern Michigan have utilized our services to avoid both CIVIL & CRIMINAL LIABILITY by ensuring that all privacy legislation relating to documents have been strictly enforced.



FACT ACT or [FACTA] is the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, a new Federal Law designed to reduce the risk of consumer fraud and identity theft created by improper disposal of consumer information.  [HIPPA] ' Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a Federal Law to prevent abuses of Personal Health Information [PHI], including unauthorized access. It's adminstered by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and it is enforced by the U.S. office of Civil Rights.