Commercial Wooden & Plastic Pallet Recycling Sales & Purchasing Services
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Commercial Wooden & Plastic Pallet Recycling - Sales and Purchasing Services

Smart Way Recycling actively seeks to purchase pallets that need repairs. We specialize in buying and selling a variety of wood and GMA pallets, size 40x48. These are the standard warehouse pallets used in the industry, four-way forklift accessible. We buy them at their current. If you have damaged plastic pallets, plastic boxes, baskets, shells. We will pay you top dollar for your unused pallets.

Pallet Recycling & Reselling

Each year we refurbish, recycle and resell tens of thousands of pallets, some of which would otherwise end up burned or clogging our local landfills.  If you have pallets taking up your valuable space, we can purchase them from you and either refurbish them or dispose of them responsibly.

Pallet Disposal

In the event that we cannot recycle your broken pallets due to size or condition, we can usually dipose of them at a cost that is lower than paying for a roll off container or trash dumpster from the local refuse company. We will pick up these pallets and send them to a facility where they will be grounded up and eventually used as mulch or animal bedding